Automatic transmissions have become more sophisticated with additional gears and computerized electronic controls and are designed to work with the engine controls for best operation. Have the transmission inspected and serviced as recommended in the owner’s manual.

ACDelco Transmission Filters

Sheehan Premier Service - Transmission FilterACDelco Transmission Filters are made of quality materials and offer excellent flow combined with long filter life.

Transmission Filters

ACDelco Transmission Filters are designed to help maintain your car’s transmission life and keep your transmission operating at optimum levels. Special composite materials of plastic, steel, brass, and felt help produce a reliable filter that’s hermetically sealed without gaskets or sealants. ACDelco offers a choice of transmission filters to meet your special needs, such as:

Composite Transmission Filters

Mesh Transmission Filters

Magnetic In-Line Transmission Filters

Additional protection can never hurt, so consider using a magnetic in-line filter from ACDelco to help remove tiny metal particles from the transmission fluid. Each kit includes the filter, two hoses, four clamps, instruction sheet, and a removable reminder sticker for scheduled replacement. ACDelco Universal Magnetic In-Line Transmission Filters offer these other great benefits: