ACDelco Air Filters

Sheehan Permier Service - Air FilterRegular use of ACDelco Air Filters for the engine and cabin is important for you and your car. Cabin air filters help eliminate common airborne pollutants from the interior of your vehicle, while the engine air filter blocks particles that are harmful to the combustion chamber.

Engine Air Filter

Let your engine breathe clean air. ACDelco Engine Air Filters use world-class filter element technology to block almost all airborne dust and dirt — including particles as small as a grain of salt — that can harm your engine. ACDelco Air Filters are available in panel and round styles to fit most vehicles, and they offer other benefits:

Round-style filters also feature:

Cabin Air Filter

The air inside your vehicle may actually contain more particles than the air outside. That’s why ACDelco Cabin Air Filters are designed to help filter out molds, pollen, allergens, smoke, fumes, and odors. When changed regularly, our filters can help reduce wear on your vehicle’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Here are more great reasons to use ACDelco Cabin Air Filters: